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:. Welcome to Lithium Dreams Ind.

Leeeroy Jeeeennnnnnkins
Here you will find everything you wan't to know about some of my favorite things. In this website you will find information on the following: The Osbourne Family, Conspracy Theories, Food Recipes, Favorite Chefs, Web Site Design, & Custom Graphics! Make sure to check back periodically for updates!!

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:. Mar. 13th. 2006

On 3-12-2006 One of my very good friends Joe Leonard passed away! Everyone who knew him loved him. He will be sorely missed by those of us lucky enough to be his friends

Now available through Lithium Dreams Ind. have all of your home video's transferred over to dvd with costom menu's graphics and all. Don't lose all of your most beloved memories because your vcr decides to eat your tape, or due to worn out magnetic film that holds your movies in the vcr tape. Let us make sure your memories survive for years to come. Without your past, the present doesn't have anything to look forward to!! Contact us now!!

See my new area...My "Space" given free by MSN Messenger

Also I've updated and added pages to the Un X plained area! Please check it out and expand your mind!!!

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